2019 Mazda 3

2019 Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is a much beloved vehicle here in South Africa and we’re all pretty much rocking on the edge of our seats in anticipation of the fourth-age 2019 Mazda 3! This vehicle is showing up at the right time in the right place, just to add an extra spark of excitement to an already formidable range of vehicles. Mazda is by no means shy when it comes to their continuous conquest of spectacular automotive designs, and they truly haven’t held back when it comes to revealing the work they’ve put into the next generation Mazda 3 sedan and hatchback.

The model will go further upmarket than before, this is part of a trend we’re seeing with Mazda vehicles, each model in the range is undergoing a careful and in-depth upgrade ensuring that Mazda becomes a competitor in the upmarket car scene. The 2019 Mazda 3 will feature an extensive collection of new technologies, most notably the SkyActiv-X gasoline engine. It features what Mazda calls Spark Controlled Compression Ignition, or SCCI.

Typical spark plugs are required for combustion, but this tech allows for a switch to diesel-style compression ignition. In other words, the spark plugs are used for consistent combustion, allowing for gasoline engine performance with diesel engine-like fuel economy, which is pretty incredible to say the least. Unfortunately for us we’ll just have to be patient as we wait for 2019, but as the saying goes the best things in life are worth waiting for!

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